We want to be people who in every way love God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength. We desire to be a church that loves people into the Kingdom of God and loves those already in the Kingdom of God, beginning with the people living in our area. We choose to love people more than our shyness can prevent, more than our limited abilities will allow, more than our facilities can contain. We choose to be a people of acceptance and grace. We desire to be so absolutely clear in our message of the gospel that those who want to know God will be able to immediately understand that only by believing the gospel and by calling on Jesus’ Name, may they have peace in this life and in the presence of God have eternal life. We want to be living examples and demonstrators of who Jesus Christ really is. We want the Holy Spirit to fill us up and flow out of us to give life and perform miracles as our Lord chooses to use us.

We want to be a people of grace, hope, help, love and forgiveness in all of our activities. We want to be a people who obey the Bible and our Lord in ministering physical, emotional and spiritual healing to those who will call on the Name of the Lord. We want to be a people that God can trust with great resources to use as He directs us. We want hurting people to be able to easily find us, and expect us to demonstrate God’s love and provision and miracles.


Sunday Service:    10am ( Bible Study) – 11am Church Service  –  Evening Service 5:30PM

Wednesday:     Prayer Meeting 5:30PM

Celebrate Recovery:   6:30PM with Ted Hollingsworth and Rudolph Paltaulf


115 Sorrel St. Red Rock, TX 78662

Office Phone:

Pastor Miller:- 512-321-8301 (cell phone)

Office AdministratorGenevieve Martin 512-303-3891 (church office)

aservant3@gmail.com    (Pastor Email)

gracebaptist512@gmail.com (Office Email)